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Adjustable Overbed Tables

We search the web for the best deals on the most popular types of overbed tables including hospital tables, tilting overbed tables, split top overbed tables, and laptop tables.

This can be a frustrating process because there are so many to choose from. We have assembled a limited, but highly recommended selection of overbed tables to make your decision easier. See our quick and easy overbed table recommendation below:


Auto-Touch Overbed Table

Overbed Table

If you just need a simple overbed table like the ones you see in hospitals, this is your solution. For around $50 this is adjustable height table is the best seller on many sites, easy to assemble, and functional.

Hospital Overbed Table

Hospital Overbed Tables

We have found simple hospital tables that are one-piece table tops with adjustable heights. This style of overbed table is simple, durable, and functional.

Tilting Overbed Table

Tilting Overbed Tables

Overbed tables with a tilt function can be helpful for reading in addition to eating or working from bed. These are just like regular hospital tables but with tilt as well.

Split Top Overbed Table

Split Top Overbed Tables

A split top overbed table lets you keep one side flat and tilt the other side. Other versions of this have two flat surfaces at different elevations.

Laptop Table for Bed

Laptop Tables for Bed

Tables made specifically for laptops come with some additional features to make working from bed easier. Some are like regular overbed tables that roll under the bed. Others are tray style.

Bariatric Overbed Table

Bariatric Overbed Tables

These heavy duty overbed tables are specially made to support large amouts of weight or be used by very large people. While they can be expensive, the need is often necessary.


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